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Business Worth

Why should I determine my business value?

A private business is typically the most valuable asset listed on a business owner’s personal balance sheet. Many times an owner needs their company to sell for a specific price in order to fund their financial independence as shown in the graphic here.

However, valuation is directly related to the exit option an owner elects. Therefore, how can you begin to narrow the exit options most applicable to you? Since there are five basic exit options and nearly two dozen sub-types, owners can use our survey tool to educate themselves on some of the options that may fit their goals to fetch the value they require.


  • Business Valuation Engine
    The nature of your business may mean that multiple values for your business exist when factors such as earnings capacity, economic outlook, and goodwill are considered. While not a substitute for a formal appraisal, our business valuation engine can efficiently quantify four types of preliminary valuation as you analyze your exit options.

  • Valuation Questionnaire
    Upon entering negotiations with a potential buyer you can enhance the perception and potential value of your company by organizing certain information for the counter-party. By completing our Valuation Questionnaire, you are in a better position to deliver a concise, prompt response during the buyer’s due diligence phase and present your company in a polished manner.

Marketability & Growth

  • Marketability Assessment
    Establishing a business value is important but valuation alone was never intended to provide a clear indication of marketability. Our Marketability Assessment offers you the ability to view your company as a potential buyer might, without revealing confidential, proprietary information.

  • Value Driver Assessment
    A “value driver” is a tool that measures systems, processes, strategies, and resources that create sustainable value for a company. This tool provides a picture of where your company’s strengths and areas for improvements may be which can assist an owner who is interested in growing the business value in order to fetch a target price.

  • Capitalization Request
    Are you refinancing existing debt, buying out a partner, supporting organic growth, funding an acquisition, creating a partial exit, taking on a construction loan, in need of bridge financing, or acquiring real estate? Various transfer, exit, and growth projects operate well with leveraged capital.