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Executive Surety Planning

Owners of private companies generally have family members and non-related executives or managers involved in the business who become beneficiaries of the owner’s surety plan. In fact, 90 percent of domestic private companies are family-owned*. And in many cases these key people serve as the market through which an exiting owner will attempt to sell or transfer his business.

  • Are my successors capable of running an entire organization, or just their department?
  • Will my key people be retained by the new owner/owners?
  • Can I ease the “purchase burden” for my family or key executives without unduly penalizing myself financially?
  • Is fair always equal, and is equal always fair when family is involved?
  • If my heirs are assuming control, how much “skin in the game” should they have?

Objective analysis is difficult for anyone when emotions are so closely tied to an event like a business exit. A significant first step is to determine where you fall on the Business Exit Readiness Index.

*Leonetti, John M., Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth: A Strategic Guide for Owners and Their Advisors. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2008