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  • Is your company “owner-dependent”? An owner seeking business growth and transferability must seek to build a company that can function with minimal oversight. Owner dependence scares away buyers and significantly reduces the value you receive for your company. Where do you fall on the Owner Dependence scale? Click here to find out.
  • It’s said that “Waiting gives the devil time.” And for any owners, “no-decision” becomes the default when you’re not sure how to begin an exit conversation, and procrastination is an absolute value killer. Click here to determine your readiness for the process.
  • Do you have inappropriate or unreasonable price expectations of the seller? Discover valuation tools that can help you better understand valuation, why it’s useful and why it’s not.
  • Poor economy that reverses the trend of profitability
  • Buyers in the industry cannot achieve financing
  • Lack of Quality Buyers
  • Seller’s remorse, or cold feet at closing, is a product of not being mentally, or perhaps, financially prepared to strike a deal. Are you curious to see how mentally and financially prepared you are? Click here to find out.